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The  Astrology Spell Book

The Astrology Spell Book is a 2D side-scrolling platformer game with puzzles elements for the PC. The player plays as Rue Kane, a young bird from Bird Planet. She used up all of her magical power trying to save the planet from colliding with a meteor and can no longer cast spells. Rue’s giant spell trapped the meteor, the stars, the moon, and even herself into her spell book. Now she needs the player’s help to traverse through her spell book, overcome obstacles and puzzles. She must also gather the stars of the twelve astrological signs to borrow their power which will aid her in her journey to return herself, the stars, and the moon to where they belong.



Version 1.00 (05.04.2017)

  •  24 Challenging and fun levels filled with puzzles.

  • Multiple ways to reach the star and beat each level.

  • 6 Incredible abilities that you can equip on Rue, the main character.

  • Various objects throughout each level that you can embed 6 amusing abilities in.

  • A fascinating tale told like a children's book.

  • Beautiful levels.



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